What To Do When Things Go Wrong At Your Wedding

Every bride and groom has a very big expectation that their wedding day is going to be absolutely perfect. In most cases it certainly turns out this way although there is on occasion some things that can go wrong. One of the common fears of the bride and groom is that some important person that is being counted on to make the day special will be late or doesn’t show up.

The first step to take if this appears to be happening is to take a deep breath and calm down. Then the next step is to try and track down the party that is missing. The time frame in which the missing party is needed will dictate the urgency of finding this person. If it happens to be at the time that the vows are expected to be made someone can make the announcement that there is a slight delay while you are waiting for the expected party to arrive. This gives you more time to try and track down the missing party. If all else fails and you cannot locate the person then you are going to have to have a backup plan.

If it happens to be the chaplain or the minister then asking the person in charge of the church to find a quick replacement may be the solution. As long as you have your wedding license in place the shouldn’t be an issue. Most often the churches or chapels have several officials on hand that could fill in and a pinch.

It may be that your cake hasn’t shown up as yet. Get someone to head out to the closet bakery and arrange to buy several dozen of fancy cupcakes even if it means visiting a few bakeries at one time. This will work in a pinch and something such as your cake should not ruin the one of the most important days of your life.

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