Planning Your Pre-Wedding Events

As if you didn’t have enough with planning the wedding there are some pre-wedding events that you may have to give some thought to as well.

The Engagement Party

Probably the first gathering that you are going to have to take care of prior to your wedding will be your engagement party. This is where you are going to want to make the wonderful announcement that you are soon going to become a bride. The size of this gathering will all depend on the preferences of you as well as your husband to be. Most often this is a small gathering of very close family and friends. It is often done by way of holding a small dinner party and whether you want to keep the purpose of this party a secret or not will be up to you. Most couples find that it is most exciting to keep it as a secret so that it serves as the real purpose of the gathering.

Bridal Shower

Fortunately as the bride and groom this is not normally something that you have to plan yourself. Most often it is the bridesmaid or the maid of honour that will take on this task. The common trend of today has been to have it as a joint couples shower or what some call a Jack and Jill.

Rehearsal Party

Quite often a day or two before the actual wedding a rehearsal is arranged so that everybody knows what is expected of them on the day of the wedding. This usually only takes a few hours and is then followed up by the group getting together as a final celebration before the wedding. This can be something that is held at someone’s home or more often than not it is held at a restaurant where it only lasts for a few hours, as there is a lot of a preparation still to be done for the next day or within the next few days depending on the date of the wedding.

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