How About A Roulette Themed Wedding?

There are some people that really enjoy the casino activities and like to hang out with people that have the same interests. When it comes time for a wedding for people who have this interest they could easily have a Casino themed wedding and perhaps pick one casino based activity to focus on.

There are a lot of people who enjoy the roulette online that is being offered by many of the online Casinos. Now there is even live Casino playing action that is taking place at these online gaming portals. It would be easy to plan a roulette themed wedding.

The Roulette Colours

If you are familiar with the Roulette wheel then you will realize the colour theme for it is red and black and perhaps a centre of gold for the wheel itself. These are great colours that can be incorporated into the wedding attire as well as for the decor for the wedding venue.

The Wedding Attire

Naturally if you are going to have a Roulette themed wedding the attire is definitely going to be non traditional. The groom could go with a black tux, and the rest of the wedding party could go with the gold. The bride could opt for green where this colour is only found on the “0” of the roulette wheel.

The Flowers

It will be quite easy to find colours in the flowers that would depict the roulette colours. Red carnations or roses and ribbons of black and gold is all that it would take.

The Cake

Here is where you could have the most fun with the roulette themed wedding. An innovative baker should have no difficulty designing a wedding cake that would mimic the roulette wheel.

The Decor

If you really wanted to step it up a notch you could have the table cloths the same as what you would find on the Roulette table.

To top the whole event off you could even allow your guests to participate in some real roulette action by including this as part of the entertainment at your reception.

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