Ideas for Entertaining Your Guests At Your Wedding

Ideas for Entertaining Your Guests At Your Wedding

In a traditional wedding it usually follows a format. Guests attend the Church to view the vows being taken by the Bride and Groom. Then following this they go to the banquet More »

Planning For An Outdoor Wedding

Planning For An Outdoor Wedding

You have many choices when it comes to where your wedding setting is going to be. Depending on the time of year you may have made the decision to have an outdoor More »


All About Making Your Wedding Day Unique and Special

Here on this site you are going to find lots of information to do with weddings. Hopefully what you find here will be a little out of the mainstream of information that usually goes with wedding advice. There are so many different segments to a wedding and every Bride and Groom wants every last detail to be perfect. At one time it was all about traditional weddings, but in today’s world its almost anything goes when it comes to a wedding. A lot of couple want their weddings to be unique so they are always on the lookout for new ideas.

Some of the posts here cover information about wedding ideas that really are non-traditional. Suggestions are made for a Vegas wedding, and there are some really different ideas presented for a wedding that has a gambling theme to it that portrays this from start to finish.

One segment of the wedding that is often forgotten about is the pre-wedding events, but there is information here to remind you of your responsibilities for this and some tips and suggestions to help you handle these. Then here you will also find some ideas on how to handle those little wedding emergencies that can arise.

You may be able to find some suggestions here that you would like to use or perhaps add to them so your special day will be unique to your wants and needs.

The information here is intended to be a little different than perhaps what you would expect to find on a wedding site, but you should find it most enjoyable.

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